Stafford Physical Therapy

Stafford Physical Therapy: 540-659-6408

Fredericksburg Physical Therapy: 540-786-5535

Direct Access Available With No Physician Referral Needed


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Great people, excellent service. Well worth the visit. Thank you

Jeffery T.

There is no BETTER place to get fixed!!! They have the most awesomeness employee's and they really care about getting you better.

Rebecca J.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my physical therapy here and love the way I'm treated like family by the staff. I'm recommending this clinic to everyone who needs PT.

Helen M.

I have been receiving therapy for my shoulder at Stafford and Fredericksburg physical therapy. I appreciate the warm and professional atmosphere that was provided. The staff works well with each other and with all the clients.

Lula B.

The friendly and professional staff at Stafford Physical Therapy have enabled me to return to hunting this year after two surgeries for herniated discs in my lower back. I recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone recovering from an injury!

Matthew W.

On the very first day I experienced pain relief and knew I was in the hands of experts. In one month I was entirely discomfort-free! With skillful therapeutic guidance I continue to work on strengthening and flexibility so that I can prevent this from ever happening again.

Katie H.

A friendly staff and great listeners, SPT is not only a great physical therapy but mental therapy as well!! Thank you for your professionalism and hard work!!!

Mary K.

Thank you to the entire staff for your dedication and professionalism in my well being!!

Nancy M.

I've been in PT since 2003 and I must say this is the best PT facility and the employees are EXCELLENT!!! I don't feel like a number here, I feel like family and I'm extremely GREATFUL!!!

Armilla B.

Thank you for being so wonderful, so nice, so patient, so attentive and just so good at what you do. I saw and felt tremendous improvement in the 8 weeks I was there! With not being able walk down a flight of stairs the normal way, to bending my knee + squatting (without even taking notice that I did) after weeks of therapy is fantastic! PAIN LEVEL 0!!!!

Lisa N.

Top flight therapy! I am retired Army and have never seen a better physical therapy center. All staff members are professional, knowledgeable and “hard charging”! No time wasted here and my progress is a testament to that! Thank you Stafford Physical Therapy (Stafford)!

Dennis B.

I have been coming to this clinic for a long time off and on and I appreciate all the professionalism that the entire staff shows. They are fantastic!!!

Dwane J.

Since coming to Stafford Physical Therapy in September 2011 I have consistently received superior service. My therapist and his supporting staff are experts at their jobs. The desk staff are very helpful at meeting my appointment times. If you are looking for experts and friendly staff to help you recover from your injury I highly recommend Stafford Physical Therapy.

Maureen J.