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Frequently Asked Questions

If you've recently suffered an illness, trauma or other injury, physical therapy may help! Physical therapists (or PTs) are trained and educated in treating problems arising in the muscles and joints, back pain, and other issues that make moving difficult.
Physical therapy uses exercise, kinesiology, mobilitzation, education and more to treat acute and chronic pain as well as movement impairments.
If you're experiencing any of these conditions, physical therapy may be just the type of care you're looking for.
In many cases, yes. Stafford Physical Therapy accepts more than a dozen insurance carriers, including Cigna, Anthem BlueCross Blue Shield and more.
Visit our Insurance page to learn more about Stafford Physical Therapy and insurance coverage.
Stafford Physical Therapy is a family-owned and operated practice with more than 30 years of experience treating your friends, family and neighbors. As a physician-owned clinic, our primary concern is providing top tier care, treatment and education to our patients. We accept most insurance carriers for our courses of treatment, which includes services like advanced dry needling and the Graston technique.
This can depend on a variety of factors. For some patients, relief can be immediate. Others may need to have repeat visits before they will see the results they are looking for. Some factors that may influence the relief patients feel include the extent of the injury or damaged tissue, nutritional habits, age and genetics. Communication with your physical therapist is paramount throughout your care to ensure that the treatment is working as its intended.
No! You can begin treatment at Stafford Physical Therapy without a physician's referral. However, your insurance provider may require a physician's referral in order to ensure coverage. For example, Medicare, Tricare, Humana, Workers' Comp, the Department of Veterans' Affairs and the Department of Labor all require a prescription or referral.